met tga services and history

met tga professionals are a group of engineers specialized in Mechanical, Electrical services over years in several countries with a diverse range of nationalities and decided to serve their profession on their own with their partnership and established met tga company in 2023. We wanted to set a new, high standard and work as consultants, solving our clients’ problems. 

The company would allow its Clients to focus on their core business by taking Mechanical and Electrical service responsibilities in compliance with local authority rules and regulations including but not limited to HSE and Life Safety.

met tga people and culture

Our people are what make us unique. We are the engineers and focus on technical solutions that brings great benefit to its partners and clients. We provide them with an environment that supports professional development and growth. 

At met tga, we are strong believers in giving our employees a voice. Our teams are put together with the help of our bio-energies to ensure maximum productivity and engagement.